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"Speak, Malady: An Autobiography of Cancer" [PDF]
SlideShare presentation of "Speak, Malady"

"The Promise to Recover (The Pressure to Say You're OK)"
The Los Angeles Times

"Beyond the Boundary Principle"
The New York Times

"Leasing Los Angeles"
The New York Times

"Sound + Vision: On the Future of Sheet Music, My Family's Literature" (Spring 2013)
"Sound + Vision" PDF w/art
VQR Feature

"Why the Oscars Need a 'Best Soundtrack' Award"
Cultural Opinion for The Atlantic

"If You Were Cool, Rich, or Bad Enough to Live Here, You'd Be Home (Architecture in Film)" [PDF w/photos] (Cover Story)
Online Text Version
Winter 2013 Print Edition Cover Image
VQR Feature

"Hit or Miss: My Plunge into LA's Medical Marijuana Pool" [PDF] [+*Updated Online Version]
The Financial Times Magazine

"The Sounds of War"
"The Film Director as DJ"
"The Orchestration of 9/11"
"What Makes a Film Score Score?"
Music and Film Opinion for Slate

Selected New Republic Online Music Columns [PDF]
"No Respect: Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004)"
"Show Stopper: The Future of Conan"
"Jimmy "One-Note" Fallon
The New Republic

"A Fight to Say No to Chemo"
Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

"Did Mozart--and Other Composers--Plagiarize?"
Music Opinion for Slate

"Uncurbed Enthusiasm: Larry David, HBO, and the Man Behind the Camera" 
Film Profile for Salon

"Interview with The National's Luthier"
"Clancy Martin and Adam Baer on Love & Lying"
"Conversation With Christopher Noxon Re: 'Plus One'"
"Interview With A Big Sur Yurt Hotelier"
The Believer

"Wrestling Demons: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp Remake the Movie Musical with 'Sweeney Todd'" [pg. 1] [pg. 2]
"'Lost' Sounds: How One Composer is Bringing Live Music Back to TV"
"Hollywood's Film Music Rebel Scores"
"The Master's Class: Inside the Heifetz Society"
Music & Film Features for The Los Angeles Times

"At the Ready, Sheet Music Minus the Sheets" 
"Call Me E-mail: The Novel Unfolds Digitally" 
"The Wi-Fi Boom"
"A Music Competition Without Jitters"
Features for The New York Times

"The Status-tician: Alain de Botton"
"From Toronto With Love: Novels in Stories"
Author Interviews for The Atlantic

"Itzhak Perlman Wears the Years Like a Master"
"Beyond Just Beautiful: Gidon Kremer's Bach"
Music/Film Feature and Music Criticism for The Los Angeles Times

"Nico Muhly, New American Musical Storyteller" (Long-form version)
"David Byrne: Ageless Innovator"
Music Profiles for Departures

Awl Health Advice Columns

Tales from the Writer's Room: A Brief History of Funny Notes from Hollywood Executives
Comedy Feature for Rolling Stone

"Freaks and Geeks (In A Which Writer Speaks to Zach Galifianakis, pre-'Hangover,' in His House and Tries to Appear Professional)"
Comedy Q&A for (the old) Radar

"The Rise of the Natural Computer"
Tech, Health, and Science Feature for Popular Science

"Umami Mania"
"Preservation Society: A Pickling Tradition"
"Total Immersion: Sous-Vide"
"The Incredible Shrinking Plate: Jose Andres's Bazaar"
Food Features for Hemispheres

"The Big Chill: How to Become a Relaxation Drink Millionaire"
"Making the Grade: The Twentysomething Who Took College Guides Digital"
The Bounty Hunter: How the Man Who Reinvented E-mail is Revolutionizing the Way We Find Stuff"
Business Stories for Hemispheres

"A Performance Course for the Ages"
"Elvis Tourns Tourist"
"The Painter of Modern Music"
"Jeff Garlin: Appetite for Production"
"Radiohead Replay"
"Baumbach Lands on Family Island"
"What Was Bach Thinking?"
Music & Film Features & Opinion for The New York Sun

"Reading (Umberto) Eco" 
"Meet Jonathan Lethem's Other Family: Stan Lee and 3-CP0" 
"Shedding Old-World Baggage for Some New"
Book Reviews for The S.F. Chronicle Book Review

"Blame the FAA"
Aviation Feature for Travel + Leisure

"Strings Attached: Rare Violins as Investments"
Feature for Bloomberg Pursuits



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